Our Oaxaca

With very beautiful coastlines in the Pacific Ocean, in the south of Mexico is the state of Oaxaca. Statewide there are many groups Zapotec and Mixtec, Huaves, Mazatec and chatinos, Chinanteco and mixes, which retain their customs, speak their own languages​​, their dances, rituals and a very own kitchen. This makes a rich mosaic of the Oaxaca folklore.

In the capital city people are a ethnich mixture that live in a place worth visiting. Sorrounded by the mountains, the valley of Oaxaca keeps average temperatures making this a very nice weather. Oaxaca is characteristic of clear skies, blue and transparent in the day and night, is a delight to behold.

The temples of Oaxaca will create inspiration and admiration for their balance between the religious and artistic. Museums, folklore events, markets, food, trade-based jewelry, textiles, wool, ceramics, etc.., all these will make all our visitors to comeback soon.

In this Oaxaca we live … and we invite you to visit us.