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Our Art Crafts

The Crafts of Oaxaca or also called “The Oaxacan folk art” is itself a major attraction for its richness, quality, variety and prices. The demonstrations of their craft traditions and inventiveness are very broad and extends throughout the national territory, where there are six thousand villages and sixteen crossbred and indigenous ethnic

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Our Celebrations

Heirs of a powerful multi-ethnic culture that attracts for its authenticity, Oaxaca is a great ethnic and cultural mosaic that is expressed in multiple languages​​, dances, songs, costumes and customs of great diversity.

Our identity and values ​​have a force in the holiday festivities are

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Our Oaxaca

With very beautiful coastlines in the Pacific Ocean, in the south of Mexico is the state of Oaxaca. Statewide there are many groups Zapotec and Mixtec, Huaves, Mazatec and chatinos, Chinanteco and mixes, which retain their customs, speak their own languages​​, their dances, rituals and a very own kitchen. This makes

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